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This is the first chapter of the visual novel "Dawntide". It features the start of four routes, which will continue to be updated via this page. For more progress information, follow the project at @DawntideVN on twitter.


Riley's spent his whole life in Porthwarren. He flows with a steady pace, drifting from one part-time-job to the next. As certain as the tide rolls in and out, Riley's resigned to the ebb and flow of this routine. 

He's grown up with a good group of friends, but time and circumstance has brought distance between them. Ranzo works abroad on cargo ships, Billy studies north of the County, Sal has made herself busy with freelance work and Joe's settled into his cloistered museum job. Like the old boats that sway in the harbour, memories of the group's better times are moored loosely, and risk drifting off for good.

Walking familiar paths around the town, Riley is reminded of somebody he clung to like a rock in stormy waters. Someone outside the group. Someone he'd loved. Though after ten years apart, memories of him are painted in fading watercolour.

As cool Spring air breathes life onto the land, the town prepares for it's yearly folk festival. With Billy on break from university and Ranzo catching a ship to port, it's the perfect time for a reunion. However, with this year's festival marking a special occasion, it may draw in more visitors than anticipated.


Donations are apprecciated and will assist in the continued development of the project, but are not required to play.

This release features no explicit content, but the full project is intended for 18+ audiences.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsdrama, Folklore, Furry, fvn, Gay, Mystery, Queer, Romance, storygame


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Ranzo my beloved.💕


We need a discord server for this beautiful masterpiece


this was amazing! the aching feeling of nostalgia feels so at home in my heart reading this. you've done fantastic and I'm ready for more! 


so if im guesing right, the person we meet in the end wont be a part of the routes? or will he? im just curious about that


He'll be around!


awww ngl i really liked him, that smile its just beautiful


Hello! I really loved the story so far, much more the artstyle in this vn it's so good. I just wanna ask though, will there be plans of a route for the special guest (to avoid spoiling) at the end of the build? I like the person


I absolutely loved this, even if I got side-tracked every five minutes or so looking up stuff relevant to the setting and area.
The remark about Southwestern accents made me at first think this was somewhere in the Southwestern US, the British usage of words though quickly made me realise that West Country was meant. "Porthwarren" is such a stereotypical Cornish place name, which made me think of Porthgwarra in Land's End, but the line about the Church on Church Street confirmed that the story takes place on Saint Mary's/Ennor in the Scilly Islands, Hugh Town/Tre Huw, to be exact.
I may have a geography obsession...
(Now I wonder what place "north of the county" in regards to the uni Billy studies at is meant. Devonshire? Somewhere else in the UK?)

Well spotted on the naming conventions! The setting is heavily based on that region, albeit a fictionalised version of it. Porthwarren is an amalgamation of a few towns in the area and geographically speaking would be situated along the North coast.


Hello Choob! Thanks for creating such a wonderful game! You have done an amazing job in development, writing, art and music, all by yourself!

I am more than willing to provide simplified Chinese translation for Dawntide, so that more can get to learn about this excellent game.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me at the following email address:


Thanks in advance!


Thanks! I am aiming to release later builds with language options, but need to finalise more of the overall writing before getting to that stage. I'll keep this in mind!


With pleasure! Just let me know anytime when you feel ready :)

i have not played this game yet and it alreadys look goo

I just want to say that this vn is really good, I already feel a bit emotional, the characters and the soundtracks are incredible, I can’t wait to see more :D 

A story about how life moves on whether you want it to or not.  When fate calls though, will you let things continue to move on as is, or will you take the chance you are given to break free?

You do mention this is the start of four routes, but I don't feel like I've done anything to have chosen a particular route.  If I have the signs might be a bit too subtle, as I do not feel I have agreed to something more committed.  It all feels too casual and rounded with no particular focus on any given character.  If I'm wrong and routes have not been able to be chosen in this build, then I am grateful, as I would like the chance to know each of them more.  I'm a real sucker for certain things, and it does not feel wrong to choose that path, so I want to be sure I take it, and never let go!


Without giving too much away about the next chapter, the choices you make in this one lead to the openings of certain routes, but won't "lock you in" just yet. It's more of a chance to get to know a chosen character better before making a more solid decision on what direction you want to take.

THANK YOU! *relief!*


Really loving the artstyle and the tone of the narrative. I don't fully vibe with the cast just yet but I do find Riley quite relatable (which hurts just a little, in a good way!) and Ranzo super cute. I find the setting quite cozy as well, but also grounded in a way that lets you see there are plenty of struggles to be found, just like how it seems to be for the main group's dynamic thus far. Can't wait to see how the story and characters will develop, I'm already preparing to feel a lot of things through this story <3

Also, thanks in advance for the android version!


The designs are pretty neat ngl, It has potential to it but any plans for an Android build? So I can't play through my phone XD


Aiming to have this done by the end of July! Apologies for the wait; want to make sure it works as intended.

Been playing this vn, and I really love this so far! But as a solid fan of the auto button, is there a plan to add the button in later builds?

Will there be android version?


Eventually and ideally, yes. I want to make sure that the UI for the android/iOS version is designed with mobile devices in mind, which will take a bit more time.

havent played it but i love it already


Oh I got on time for the party hehe

Seems like something new and promising... gonna test it xP 

thanks for sharing yer work

It's pretty interesting :D 

has potential, that's for sure

I liked the art too...it's very different from what I usually see, but I liked the vibe hahaha


Such beautiful character art; I can't wait to see more. Always love some hometown angst.

(1 edit) (+1)

love the art style, looking forward to continued updates!


Oh wow i'm early to this one, only 5 hours ago! I love this game so far, the art style is very visually pleasing, the character design is great and the story is really interesting. I'm very excited to see where this game will go in the future updates! :3


This was uploaded five HOURS ago? Looks like I'm early to the party! Can't wait to see where this goes.

Any reason why the back button does not work?

Thanks for flagging this. It was disabled intentionally in an earlier build and I hadn't changed the statement after re-adding the button. Just updated so it should be working now!

Hey, just letting you know it doesn't install from the itch.io app!

Thanks for letting me know - looking into this right now.

Have updated and it looks to be working in the app now. Let me know if there are any continuing issues.